Had a blast at @cropbr@instagram.com this week. Thanks to @staygrayponyboy@instagram.com and @staygrayponygirl@instagram.com for bringing together so many great designers in Baton Rouge each year. Last night’s @goodtype@instagram.com Live Lettering collaboration at the Old Governor’s Mansion was a killer way to end the week.

5th anniversary shots

Ales from the heart of Dixie

Went for pan pizza tonight 😋

yɒbʜƚɿiᙠ yqqɒH

Poolside in Playa del Carmen

Leftovers 🎉

Made our final pies of 2017 🍕

Thanks to the guys from @mof1podcast@instagram.com for having me on during Crop to talk about dinosaurs, pizzaversaries, and sage career advice from college professors. Check it out

Baton Rouge Snow Day 2017

Our first attempt with the Instant Pot — Korean beef (@iverstinefarms@instagram.com bottom roast), miso eggplant, and garlic bok choy. Only 45 minutes to get that beef tender af.