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Added an option in Places to sort by date places were saved. This is useful when you can’t remember the name of a place you saved recently or want to try somewhere new to you. Sorting still defaults to places nearest you.

Lucky enough to see The Killers put on an amazing show at Tipitina’s. Don’t think there was room for another person on the floor.

Added sections to collections in Places. I find them handy for organizing places in a collection by days when planning a trip, but they can be used for anything — like grouping places by category (e.g. food spots, entertainment, sights, etc.). Places can be moved into a section using drag and drop and reordered the same way. Still need to implement optimistic UI to avoid the visual jump that occurs when an item is dropped and the update is handled over the network.

GitHub and other websites started rendering text with similar but different (weird) characters in my browser.

Screenshot of code on a webpage where words like `export` are rendered as `èxpört`

Tracked it down to monospaced fonts rendering with .SF NS instead of SF Mono. No idea what happened, but deleting SF Mono from /Users/username/Library/Fonts and reinstalling it fixed it.

Screenshot of a code snippet on a webpage rendered as expected

Pizzas with a quick 18 hour dough. Two cheese with red sauce, an olive oil and garlic based pizza with seven cheeses (mozzarella and provolone blend, four cheese blend, and burrata), and peppadews, mushrooms, and mozzarella with red sauce. and I are excited to announce we’ve got something in the oven! A baby boy! For delivery this October 👶🏻🍕

More pizza.

Alfredo and cheese (uncharred) for the kids Pepperoni and boudin Pesto, black olives, onions, and feta Garlic, tomato, burrata Pepperoni, olive, onion, boudin Pepperoni, boudin, burrata

60 second pies at 918° in the new oven.

Last night’s pizza. Mozzarella, pepperonis, kalamata olives, and feta. Extra crispy.

Last night’s pizza with sourdough from and pepperoni from 🍕🤤

This was a delicious experiment. Made a s’mores inspired Peepza with Nutella, and Peeps. Blasted it in the pizza oven, then dusted it with graham crackers. 😋