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Places Diary #5: Check-ins and Instant Image Previews for Image Uploads

UI screenshot showing list of checkin-ins on a place

Check-ins on places and instant image previews using web APIs.

Places Diary #4: MapKit Tokens

Creating a short-lived JSON Web Token (JWT) for MapKit JS using Remix

Pizzaversary: New York

Collage of 15 pizzas from 14 pizza places in New York

96 hours in New York: 14 pizza places, 6 comedy shows, a Broadway play, and an earthquake.

Places Diary #3: Side Quests

Type-safe SQL queries, migrations, and updating from Remix v1 to v2 (plus ESM and Vite).

Places Diary #2: Removing Prisma

Replacing an ORM and interacting directly with the database for improved productivity and greater flexibility.

Places Diary #1: An Introduction

Keep track of places you’ve been and places you want to go.

On building Places, a web app to keep track of places I’ve been and places I want to go.

Building Email Forms Natively in Craft

Allow clients to build email forms using Matrix and the Contact Form plugin for Craft.

Flexible Layouts with Craft

Use Craft’s Matrix field to build flexible layouts around your content.

Responsive Images with Craft

With Craft and the picture element, you can display images optimized for different breakpoints and have more control over your responsive layouts