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Places Diary #5: Check-ins and Instant Image Previews for Image Uploads

UI screenshot showing list of checkin-ins on a place

Check-ins on places and instant image previews using web APIs.

Added an option in Places to sort by date places were saved. This is useful when you can’t remember the name of a place you saved recently or want to try somewhere new to you. Sorting still defaults to places nearest you.

Lucky enough to see The Killers put on an amazing show at Tipitina’s. Don’t think there was room for another person on the floor.

Created a page to collect all my posts on Places and describe what it is:

Added sections to collections in Places. I find them handy for organizing places in a collection by days when planning a trip, but they can be used for anything — like grouping places by category (e.g. food spots, entertainment, sights, etc.). Places can be moved into a section using drag and drop and reordered the same way. Still need to implement optimistic UI to avoid the visual jump that occurs when an item is dropped and the update is handled over the network.

Places Diary #4: MapKit Tokens

Creating a short-lived JSON Web Token (JWT) for MapKit JS using Remix

Pizzaversary: New York

Collage of 15 pizzas from 14 pizza places in New York

96 hours in New York: 14 pizza places, 6 comedy shows, a Broadway play, and an earthquake.

GitHub and other websites started rendering text with similar but different (weird) characters in my browser.

Screenshot of code on a webpage where words like `export` are rendered as `èxpört`

Tracked it down to monospaced fonts rendering with .SF NS instead of SF Mono. No idea what happened, but deleting SF Mono from /Users/username/Library/Fonts and reinstalling it fixed it.

Screenshot of a code snippet on a webpage rendered as expected

Just felt this 4.7 magnitude earthquake in NYC. Crews had been jackhammering all morning, so I thought it was construction related until I saw the reports 😅

I’m now on Bluesky thanks to adding AT Protocol DIDs for hosted blogs.

And, no, I had no clue what a “DID” was until I read that and Googled this.

Places Diary #3: Side Quests

Type-safe SQL queries, migrations, and updating from Remix v1 to v2 (plus ESM and Vite).

Places Diary #2: Removing Prisma

Replacing an ORM and interacting directly with the database for improved productivity and greater flexibility.