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@paulrobertlloyd Nice work, these look great.

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@DazeEnd Thanks! Not yet, just writing about process for now.

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@collin I used Harpoon when I was running a solo consulting company. Handles invoices (including recurring), expenses, and progress towards revenue goals. Just enough to keep tabs on things without being clunky or overwhelming.

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@DazeEnd I’m (mostly) browsing and finding topics and people to follow on Mastodon.

Being able to post to my site and follow from Mastodon was interesting enough for me to make the switch and the pace that is evolving and adopting new platforms excites me.

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@manton I would love to see Ivory support with or without boosting. I do think boosting would be great to help discover new people to follow and interesting topics from folks I’m not following.

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@DazeEnd Yep, this reply is from on iOS! added an import feature so you can import your followers from Mastodon and there’s talk of supporting Ivory..

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@DazeEnd 👋 Not running my own instance. I moved my website from a self-hosted Indiekit/Micropub site to to add ActivityPub and post from my own domain.

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@marydhat Driving through a tunnel without enough clearance on the sides would freak me out 😱

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@macgenie Hadn’t thought about that…sounds fun! (Aside from trusting the airline 😬)

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@DazeEnd Certainly not! (Changed my username after my first reply 😱)

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@DazeEnd Uh oh. My wife may be in a churro coma all week.

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@macgenie I’ll be there! First time Release Notes has worked out for me, and what a great location 🏝🍹