Had a blast at @cropbr@instagram.com this week. Thanks to @staygrayponyboy@instagram.com and @staygrayponygirl@instagram.com for bringing together so many great designers in Baton Rouge each year. Last night’s @goodtype@instagram.com Live Lettering collaboration at the Old Governor’s Mansion was a killer way to end the week.

5th anniversary shots

Ales from the heart of Dixie

Went for pan pizza tonight 😋

Richard Edwards (of Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s) started a Patreon this week where he’s regularly releasing music to supporters. So far he’s shared demos and live performances along with stories to put them in context. 🎶

yɒbʜƚɿiᙠ yqqɒH

The Shins released The Worm’s Heart today, a follow-up to 2017’s Heartworms. Same songs on both, but downtempo tracks have been rearranged upbeat and vice versa. Neat concept. 🎧

Poolside in Playa del Carmen

❄️ BTR 🛫 IAH 🛩 CUN 🛬 🏝

Leftovers 🎉

Made our final pies of 2017 🍕

Thanks to the guys from @mof1podcast@instagram.com for having me on during Crop to talk about dinosaurs, pizzaversaries, and sage career advice from college professors. Check it out